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Featured Equipment
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 - 5 Color
Heidelberg MO - 4 Color
Heidelberg GTO - 2 Color





Full format 28" x 40" sheet-fed Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 -- its name is synonymous with top-quality printing for whoever expects only the best. From fine art lithographs to long-run catalogs and publications, our full size sheet-fed press ranges from 1-color up to 5-colors to fit your needs. And our half size sheet-fed Heidelberg MO is great for short commercial print runs, great impact on costs, and fast turnaround. Our craftsmen pay meticulous attention to details and welcome clients to visit and observe our on-press approval process.




Printing Specifications

Maximum paper size 28" x 40"
Maximum number of colors
(Varnish or PMS color counts as one)
Minimum positive text size 6 point medium
Minimum negative text size
(These minimums are for normal text in a single color. Light, thin, and condensed fonts require larger point size to reproduce correctly.)
8 point bold
Minimum positive line 0.075mm (0.213 point)
Minimum negative line 0.3mm (0.85 point)
Screen ruling 175 lpi for negative film
120 lpi for camera-ready artwork.

Please go to our Design Hints for more technical design solutions.



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