Prepress & Service Bureau

Our prepress room is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
and combined with the latest technology and knowledge
.... traditional prepress and stripping services also available

Our Work Procedures:

We use the High Performance Flatbed Topaz II. It is the Heidelberg scanner that made flatbeds an integral and respected part of the graphic arts landscape. It handles all kinds of reflective art, and transparencies with optical resolutions ranging up to 7,620 dpi for line art and text in its 12"x18" scanning bed. The scanner also supports originals with a maximum density up to 4.0 D. With Linocolor software and our experience, we make all scans fast and sharp.

**Color correction and color matching services available.



Supplied Digital Files
Your disk is scanned for viruses and then copied to our file server before any work is performed. The original disk is then ejected and returned without any modifications.
Software Support
Removable Media Support
Upload Files Via Internet



Preflight Files
Our technicians then preflight each file for any missing fonts, images or other common problems, to ensure your files are good without any font substitutions or ragged images.



Ripping & Imaging
The files are then ripped and sent to the Heidelberg Herkules Pro Drum Imagesetter (Drum quality is better than capstan recorders) for resolution up to 600 lpi/5,080 dpi.



Color Proofs
Fuji Color Art proofs and Imation Matchprints are recognized as the leader in accurate, dependable process color proofing. Because they are produced directly from the process-separated film negatives, they are an accurate representation of the quality of the image produced from that film. If there is any imperfection in the film (dirt, scratches, etc.) it will show up on the proof. That takes the worry and guesswork out of your process color printing.
The proofs are then reviewed with the client for approval and signed-off before production begins.

**Blueprint Proof and Colorkey also available.







Featured Equipment
G4 Power Macintosh Workstations
PC Workstations
Topaz II Scanner with Linocolor Software
Delta Rip
NT Server
Herkules Pro Drum Imagesetter w/Auto Trap
Lino-Hell Quasar Drum Imagesetter w/"IS" Screening & Delta Trapping
Kodak Processor
Fuji Color Art Proofing System

Imation Matchprint Proofing System
Iris Inkjet Printer
Hewlett Packard LaserJet 8000N
Hewlett Packard Color Laser 5M
Epson Stylus Color 3000


Software Support
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Pagemaker
Macromedia Freehand
Microsoft Word
Adobe Acrobat - PDF Files

Removable Media Support
3.5" Floppy Disk
Iomega Zip Disk (100 MB)
Iomega Jaz Disk (1 GB)
Syquest Cartridge (44 MB, 88 MB and 200MB)



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